From cabbies to captains of industry, we have tracked down every imaginable type of person for our agency and corporate clients over the years. We specialise in consumer and small to medium business recruitment, we love a challenge and have the experience and resources to find you whoever you need.

We recruit across the UK and Ireland and are experienced at using everything from social media advertising through to pounding pavements and knocking on doors. So no matter how specific the brief, we can help you find the right respondents with the minimum of fuss.

  • Targeted ad recruitment – access to a vast pool of fresh respondents and swiftly becoming our main methodology – see more here
  • Free find and list/customer sample recruitment
  • Focus groups, mini-groups, depths
  • Co-creative, ethnographic and consumer connect sessions
  • Online blogs & diaries, panels & communities
  • In the moment’ diaries by SMS or smartphone
  • Accompanied shops, taste tests, product placements
  • Hall tests – quantitative, qualitative and quali-quant
  • Interviewing – street, in-store, mall, conferences and door-knocking

This is a list of what we mainly do but it’s not exhaustive. Whatever the format, if you need to speak to people about their opinions and experiences, give us a call and we can make it happen.