Market research projects where participants get paid for their opinions!

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Companies and organisations across the globe need to talk to their consumers in order to develop new products and to improve existing ones. They commission companies like Further Afield to invite members of the public and business professionals to take part in research projects to help with this. We work for local and multinational organisations and have recently organised sessions for The BBC, YouTube and Oxfam to name but a few – here are some others.

During the research our clients are testing out their existing products and services, new concepts, designs and advertising. If invited to take part in a project you just need to be open and honest in your responses – there are no right or wrong answers, just your very valuable views and opinions. There are no tricky questions that require expert knowledge either, the only need to be an expert at being yourself!

Where do these sessions take place?

Online (also called ‘remote’)

Carried out from home, work or anywhere you are able to connect your PC, laptop, tablet or phone to the internet. These vary greatly in format and could be as simple as a short text conversation or as involved as a month long diary of a particular consumer behaviour with regular contributions to an online community forum. One of the great things about online research projects is that you can often complete them at times to suit you so they fit in with busy lives.
The more time that we ask you to put in to the research the more you will receive as a cash incentive.

In person (also called ‘face to face’)

Lots of market research sessions are conducted face to face either as: a focus group where a number of people will be in the same room taking part in a group discussion led by a moderator (person conducting the research) or 1-2-1 depth with the moderator in the form of a depth interview. Usually these take place at the office of the company conducting the research, in a viewing facility or in a usability lab, but some research sessions may take place in a café, shop or at work. The sessions may also take place at home, allowing you to take part in paid research and make extra money without leaving your house.
Face to face sessions typically last from 30 minutes to two hours: the average is 60 minutes.


Some conversations are carried out by telephone. All you need for this research is a phone and typically the conversation will be structured around some questions on your experiences. We ask that people participating in this type of paid research are somewhere quiet where they won’t be interrupted and with good phone signal.
Telephone sessions typically last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes: the average is 45 minutes.