Sourcing fresh respondents based on actual behaviours

We are able to hyper-target respondents based on their actual, observed behaviours online. We can deliver ads based on demographics such as location, age and gender and we overlay this with an almost limitless number of interests to make sure that we only show ads to people that we already know are roughly the right fit for a project.

Once a person responds to an ad in their newsfeed they are directed to the project screener where we drill down to make sure that they are exactly right for the project. We take this opportunity to also check that they are good ‘respondent material’ – which we define as being articulate and happy to share!

We have been refining this methodology for a number of years now and have successfully recruited 1000’s of respondents for projects all around the world. Low incidence and niche quotas that would have been unachievable using traditional methodologies are now not only deliverable but within improved timeframes and at lower cost.